Parent Advisory Council

Welcome to DeBeck PAC!

What and who is the PAC?

YOU ARE!  All parents/guardians of a child attending DeBeck are a part of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC).  We provide leadership in the school community, promote community, and improve communication between parents and staff.  We also coordinate fundraising and social events for the benefit of our children.

Why should I be involved with the PAC?

Parent involvement makes a difference – whether it is through giving feedback on education or fundraising to better the school’s resources. It all makes a difference in your child’s educational experience.  Participating in the PAC is also a great way to make new friends and get involved in the community.

How do I get involved?

Join our monthly meetings and be a part of what we do.  If you are unable to make it to the meetings, contact us to chat about how you can be involved.  We want to include everyone who wants to be involved.  Everyone is welcome!

Why fundraise?

The PAC listens to the needs of the school and parent community.  We raise funds to subsidize many things to give our children the best possible experience in their elementary school years.  We also create a fantastic sense of community.

Where do the funds go?

  • Fun in school events
  • Up to date technology (e.g. iPads, AppleTVs)
  • Outdoor learning space
  • New playground
  • Extra funds for classes
  • Library tables with whiteboard tops
  • Much, much more

Let's keep in touch!

We would love to keep you informed about activities, events, and fundraisers.  Be sure to join our Facebook page and send a “Please add me” email to to join our mailing list.