Spring Survey

In May, we surveyed students in Grades 2 - 7 and families the following questions:

Can you name adults at DeBeck who you can share your thoughts and feelings with?

What are you learning about?

Why is what you're learning about important?

What are your next steps with your learning?

Does using e-Portfolios help you as a learner? Why or why not?

Do you feel treated fairly and included at DeBeck?

Is there anything else that you feel is important for us to know?


We had 199 students and 63 families respond to the survey, and staff reviewed the anonymous responses during our May Professional Learning Day.  From the responses we learned:

  • 86% of students and families who responded could name adults at DeBeck who they felt they could share their thoughts and feelings with.
  • While all students could share something they are learning about at school, not all students could share why what they were learning about was important and their next steps.
  • While most students felt treated fairly and included at DeBeck, some students shared that they had no friends to play with during recess and lunch breaks.
  • Most students felt that using e-Portfolios help them as learners.
  • Responses from families matched closely to student responses.


From this learning, staff have developed a Social Emotional Learning committee to look at actions that we can do to help rebuild our community as all students return to learning in September.  Our goal is for more adults and students to feel a sense of belonging in our community.

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021