New Direction for DeBeck - Innovation Grants

October 31 2018

Some new directions for DeBeck.


We are in the process of working on two new different Innovation Grants at DeBeck. 


  1. The first Innovation Grant has four divisions, Div. 13 (Ms. Kilby’s Kindergarten), Div. 10 (Ms. Johnson’s Gr. 2), Div. 6 (Ms. Poonawala Gr. 4/5) and Div. 5. (Mr. Hocking Gr. 4/5) working on a District Alternative Project. They are part of the Student Reporting Pilot Project with 10 other Elementary Schools. Teachers and Students will be posting work, projects, comments and assessment to individual e-portfolios that parents will have access to view the work and add comments. We are very excited to work on this project to help direct the new Ministry of Education reporting policy. These students will not receive the tradition written report cards in December and March but will have on-going “posts” to their e-portfolios with teacher comments and assessments. 
  2. The second Innovation Grant is coordinated by Ms. Borthwick (Teacher-Librarian) and Ms. Ratcliffe (Div. 9 Gr. 2/3). 

Inquiry Focus 

  1. How did we determine our focus and what are we learning from listening to our students? We saw a need for our students to be able to extend their knowledge and understanding of story. We have begun using story workshop to encourage creativity and imaginative play. 
  2. What inquiry question(s) do we have? How can we make storytelling more meaningful and engaging for our students?
    How can students share their stories and deepen their understanding in a collaborative environment? 
  3. Inquiry Actions and Reflections 
    1. What actions will you take to enhance student learning and professional learning? Deepen collaborative and creative play and storytelling
      Build an environment that fosters risk taking and storytelling.
      Use technology to share and document their stories in a meaningful way over time. 
    2. How will you know if you are making a difference for student learning? If students are getting excited about the storytelling process. If students are able to investigate and practice the different elements of story. 
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