DeBeck Elementary School


Oct 2019 Minutes

PAC Meeting Minutes - October 3rd 2019


  1. Call to Order – 6:40pm

  2. Welcome and Introductions

  3. Attendance – Kathy Panteleo, Trevor Shuto, Theresa, Ray, Christina, Yenmi, Mike, Dorothy, Kevin, Randy, Rhonda, Brenna, Jo-Anne, Sandy, Brian, Patty, Jeremy, Megan, Jason, Cyvone, Sophia, Lisa, Everth, Poonam, Niraj, Jenny

  4. Adoption of Previous Minutes – Motion made by Kevin to pass, Seconded by Rhonda.  Previous minutes passed. 




  • KM club -  We paid for trophies & awards last year and all clear

  • Camp Jubilee – Students went away for Sept 23-25, 2019 – Kassan Borthwick applied for some funding.  Kathy & Trevor to confirm at a later date if funding was received.

  • LIBRARY: 6 mini Ipads, 2 new whiteboard tables were purchased by the library ($5000 was put towards library) Ms Borthwick had a three year plan to replace all existing tables with new whiteboard tables and storage cabinets.  Parents were asked what they thought about assisting in the fundraising. Trevor & Kathy would like to get a better understanding of the plan prior to any decisions and how it would impact other staff. Will bring up in future PAC meeting.  Parents would like to know what items Ms Borthwick is hoping spend the funding on so we have an idea where funding is spent.





  • White Hatter – Internet Safety Motion made by Mike to pass $1795,00 towards 3 sessions with evening parents’ session on the same day as student presentations. Seconded by Rhonda.  MOTION PASSED.


  • Increase teacher allocation: 15 divisions To $200 per teacher/per division. Motion made by Kevin. Seconded by Yenmi, MOTION PASSED.  


  • $350 each for Library & Music. Motion made by Kevin, Seconded by Brian.  MOTION PASSED. $200 for Resource Teacher Motion made by Dorothy, Seconded by Mike. MOTION PASSED.  Kathy & Trevor want to keep PAC and school money separate. School board has asked them to remove themselves off signing authority.


  • Niraj & Poonam (Debeck parents) has kindly volunteered to create a PAC website as a pilot project.  One stop for newsletter, ordering hot lunch, volunteering and school calendar. Also allows parents to connect with each other to build community within the school (optional). Internet Host Company will most likely be in Canada.  Kathy & Trevor will look into this as they don’t know of any schools that have done this. Cost will be $10-15 per month. Will review in November PAC Meeting. 


  • Need to pass a $20 gift card for Mr. Hocking bought by Christina. Motion made by Rhonda to pass $20 for gift card, Seconded by Everth. MOTION PASSED.


  • Skate Night in Minoru: Contract to be submitted and deposit for December.  Theresa has contacted Minoru and they have provided with DATE: Wednesday December 18, 2019. PAC pays to give back to the families.  FREE for all Debeck Families. Was not well advertised last year and turnout wasn’t great. We are aiming to advertise a month in advance.  Motion made by Niraj to pass $700 for Skate Night and Seconded by Lisa. MOTION PASSED.


Fundraising items


  • Snack Attack – After school treat sale that will be advertised a week prior.  Sandy to decide on dates. 


  • Movie Nights: License paid for 

  1. Term 1: Thursday Nov 21 Movie: Alladin. Sandy to purchase

  2. Term 2: Date to be determined

  3. Term 3: Thursday May 4th


  • Popcorn fundraiser:

  1. Nov 6, Feb 12 and May 13.  Jo-Anne to take care of everything.  


  • Direct Drive (Cheque Drive) Fundraiser: Great turn out last year.  We will do it again this year, however we will look into different methods to receive the donations. (ie: e-transfer?).  Trevor & Kathy to look into tax receipts. They believe cheques need to be written to school district and they then write up the tax receipts. Theresa will contact school district and we will discuss again in November PAC meeting.  Niraj will assist with some options to present to school district.   


  • Hot Lunch: Corinna/Dorothy for next year. Munch a Lunch to move forward.  Volunteers are welcome. Volunteer time 11-12:15

    • Whitespot, Subway, taco del Mar (Dorothy and Corrina to arrange)

    • Pizza day with booster juice every month until end of June – if not enough volunteers, Trevor offered to train Grade 6 & 7’s to help (Chloe to spearhead)


  • Raffle Fundraiser: Possibility spearheaded by two new parents at Debeck

DATE: 2 weeks 


  • Spring Fair: DATE: Friday May 8th, 2020.


Spending of PAC funds from last year


Teachers Wish List which was voted on in June:


  1. Internet Safety Program – for families and classes $2500

  2. UBC Engineering Program - $4000

  3. Fine Arts – Bollywood or Drumming Program

  4. Saleema Noon (selected if there is still funding left after spending on above items)


Executives that need to be filled: Secretary 


7.0 Treasurer's Report


Total funds available as of October 3, 2019 = $28,052 (to be confirmed by Kevin)


8.0 Principal/Administrative Report 


9.0 Questions and Answers 


Meeting Adjourned 8:27pm


Next meeting is on November 7th at 630pm.  THANK YOU for joining us! 


Mon, 2020/01/13 - 9:31pm