DeBeck Elementary School


Nov Minutes

PAC Meeting Minutes - November 7th 2019


  1. Call to Order – 6:35pm

  2. Welcome and Introductions

  3. Attendance – Theresa, Patty, Poonam, JR, Imelda, Kevin, Rhonda, Randy, Trevor, Kathy, Tara, Mike, Christina, Brian and Eva

  4. Adoption of Previous Minutes – Poonam, Seconded by Kevin

  5. Principal/Administrative Report 

  • Parking patrol – getting better, starting Nov. 12 staff parking lot will be blocked off for safety reasons; call made to City of Richmond to see if more signage/patrol can be put out on nearby streets *ongoing*

  • Back play area behind school in effect and teachers will wear reflective vests; gaga pit wood chips are still coming at some point

  • Lead in water in schools – custodians take charge and ensure water is clear for students, current water fountains are not filtered just chilled

  • Outdoor learning space – garden shed is being built now instead of Spring 2020




  • KM club -  $510 cheque wrote to Debeck and they have received it

  • Camp Jubilee – funding of $2500 is no longer needed

  • Increase teacher allocation: voucher being prepared to be given to administrators (common-practice)

    • Confirming numbers: 

      • teachers $200 each and resource teachers $200 each (increased this year by $50.)

      • Music and band $350 each




  • White Hatter (Internet Safety) – Date changed due to conflict with high school event; new date is Tues, Nov. 26 (Parents 7-9pm); All day program for kids Nov. 27

    • Promoted by Administrators


  • Niraj & Poonam (Debeck parents) and PAC website: SD38 has questions (ie: info stored correctly) and Kathy is working with them, she will share with PAC once more info comes


  • Skate Night in Minoru Dec. 18 (4:45-6:15pm): advertising out as of November 18th. 

    • Posters required with a parent who has already volunteered to create them

    • Team of volunteers to run the concession at the rink – Vivian B has volunteered to help. 4 more volunteer parents are needed.  Interested parents to contact Theresa. If no one volunteers, there will be no concession.

    • Santa (on skates) and elves (donation collection) – Theresa will find gr 6 or 7’s or siblings.


Fundraising items


  • Snack Attack – pop up snack for 15 minutes 3 x’s/yr.  3 volunteers needed. Parents to contact Theresa.


  • Movie Nights: License paid 

  1. Term 1: Thursday Nov 21 Movie: Aladdin. Sandy to purchase

  2. Term 2: Date to be determined – possibly Feb. 13

  3. Term 3: Thursday May 14th


  • Popcorn fundraiser:

  1. Nov 6, Feb 12 and May 13: first one went well and led by Joanne


  • Direct Drive (Cheque Drive) Fundraiser: Contacted SD38 Finance Liaison, Pramod and he says that they will be using KEV (....) but it’s not set up yet for this year’s fundraisers.

    • Duties of DD Lead – reconcile form and cheques which need cross referencing, tax receipts required, must be sent to district, cheques bounce and follow up is needed

    • Fundraising team needed to do it again and if so, Theresa will help (Theresa will not do it along again); hoping to start in December 2019 and may not need a closing date until Spring 2010 if there is a team, donations with tax receipt in by Dec. 20

      • Team members: Kevin, Poonam, Imelda (Kathy and Trevor to be cc’d on emails)

      • Poonam suggested more info could be put on advertising letter indicating estimate number of families at Debeck…

      • Kathy suggested to include playground as goal purchase since it impacts community

    • No gift card fundraiser this year


  • Hot Lunch: term two; suggestions collected in Jan. 2020 meeting


  • Raffle Fundraiser: spearhead Lead and volunteers needed for 2 weeks (as after 3 years, Patty will no longer do it).  Generates a lot of funds annually ~$8,000.


  • Spring Fair: DATE: Friday May 8th, 2020.  Co-Chair needed to work alongside Theresa so someone else can take on role of Chair in 2020/2021.


Spending of PAC funds from last year

  • New created wish list for 2019/2020

    • Top 3:  (1) Apple TV (2) iPad cart for 30 (lease cost is $15,000 over 3 years) and we’d need 2 eventually (3) Saleema Noon

      • Tara asked why PAC is being asked to pay for “required” resources needed for teachers, when it shouldn’t be. Kathy said it’s to ensure all students have the same learning opportunities


Executives that need to be filled: Secretary 


8.0 Treasurer's Report

General operating budget of ~$17,000 available – ensure there is enough funds available for outdoor learning

  • Motion to pass $2500 for iPad Cart lease every 3 years: motion by Kevin, seconded by Rhonda

  • Motion to pass $3300 for Apple TV for 11 divisions: motion by Rhonda, seconded by JR


Gaming account ~$12,000 – ensure some available for the playground; funds can be rolled over to next year; IDEAL ACCOUNT TO SPEND FROM SO THERE IS NO ROLL-OVER

  • Motion to pass $3K for tables: motion by Poonam and seconded by Tara

  • Motion to pass $2K for Saleema Noon: motion by Eva and seconded by Kevin


*Spring Fair funds – must be spent within the year


9.0 Questions and Answers 


Meeting Adjourned: 8:11pm


Next meeting is on January 9th at 630pm.  THANK YOU for joining us! 


Mon, 2020/01/13 - 9:34pm