DeBeck Elementary School


June Minutes

Pac meeting June 6th 2019

  1. Call to Order – 6:42pm

  2. Welcome and Introductions

  3. Attendance – Brian, Theresa, Randy, Mike, Rhonda, Tara, Joanne, Emi, Wanda, Poonam, Niraj, Ray, Kevin, Patty, Christina, Dorothy, Sandy, Rob

    • Regrets: Brenna

  4. Adoption of Previous Minutes 

    • Motion to Pass: Rhonda, Seconded by: Kevin

5.0 Principal/Administrative Report - Wanda

  • KM club - All wrapped up and awards will be given to the students via teachers in their classrooms. 

    • Wanda to give KM club invoice to Patty

  • Bike Hub – June 7 and linked to Sports Day

  • Bollywood – Success, kids loved it.

  • Band Concert – Palmer, long duration but Debeck kids were amazing compared to other kids.  Maybe because we combine Jr and Sr kids, but still very good

  • Upcoming Events – Bike parade during sports day.  We will check by 7:30am to see about cancellation due to weather. Lunch delivery may be later than 11:30am lunch period

  • Camp Jubilee – Almost everyone will attend and funding was applied for by some families.  Sunshine Fund is topped up annually by PAC and is normally $350-500 (for families that are in need for field trips) – we may look at some other camps that cost less and isn’t as hard to get there.  One year, we tried to change camp location, but teachers preferred to keep it at Jubilee because they knew the system and connections.  

  • Gr. 7’s End of Year Trip – Sea to Sky (replaces Vic Trip that isn’t happening). 

    • Moving Fwd, how do we prevent the future Gr. 7’s grads in missing out on end of year Trip – ie Victoria Trip?  Clarification offered by Joanne saying that Mr. Alison was the only class that arranged for this trip with grant funding in past years.  It was only because it supported his curriculum. It was only in the past 2 years that the other gr. 7 classes joined. Wanda would like to keep a Vic trip as undetermined on a yearly basis. Based on whether or not there are enough teachers to chaperone.  

  • Gr. 7 farewell – Centennial Beach

  • Recognition Assembly – June 26, 10:45am

  • Registration and Staffing – possibility of 15 divisions because City Centre/Cook/Anderson School is full.  Won’t know until September. Not sure if it’s primary or intermediate.

  • Tyler Gustafson – Intermediate teacher (new), hiring ½ time ELL teacher and ½ time Gr. 1 teacher (replace Ms. Cowen due to pregnancy $25 gift card to H&M.) 

    • Motion to pass:  Mike, Seconded by: Kevin

  • 2019/2020 School Year - If not going to be here by Wednesday, Sept. 4th by noon, fill out late return notice.

  • Staff Leaving - Ms. Ho leaving and replaced by Mr. Tyler Gustafson.

  • Custodian, Jeff – Farewell gift card for $25

    • Motion to pass: Kevin, Seconded by: Mike




Welcome to K: Went well, I invited the families to Spring Fair - Theresa

  • Some new parents came to spring fair



  • Ms Borthwick update – IPAD and both tables have arrived and assembled (with tax $1800).  Hoping to switch to those tables for entire library.


OUTDOOR LEARNING SPACE--outdoor committee met?

  • Schedule to take place in the FALL 2019 – Construction will start in front of school (boulder rocks and wood to create 1 learning space $4500; another space in back of school in front of baseball diamond $4500.

  • Money will cover both spaces?  We raised $10,000 - $5000 went to library and $5000 went to outdoor space

  • There is some money put aside from the School ($3,500) for this project.  Less funds than originally mentioned due to need for School to purchase supplies, etc.


See “PAC Funds (School Account) Handout”

  • General Fundraiser Money had some parents that requested a tax receipt.  That money had to be sent to SD38 to process.Some cheques bounced. SD38 payroll send receipts to parents.  Money in the account has not been transferred to Debeck called “PAC Funds” $8,100. Families that didn’t require a tax receipt, their funds have been put into the PAC account already via Patty

  • Teacher allocations ($150/division) are inside the account now for 2019/2020 - $2625.54

    • Motion by Poonam, Seconded by: Rob


Booster Juice

  • Company creates labels and it just needs to be uploaded on Munch a Lunch, can accommodate allergies (ie: diary-free) in wraps, same contents in wraps except size of tortilla


Swimming transportation for school – PAC will give cheque to School


Sundae Ice Cream party: Rhonda, Ray, Theresa and one more parent to execute the SUNDAE ice cream party to div 2 and 13.  Schedule for Wed June 19th from 2-2:45pm




Fundraising items


  • Snack Attack: Sandy and Sonia: after school usually?  This will happen once/month. Winter seasons, it will be done in-doors ie: hot chocolate.


  • Movie Nights: Sandy and Sonia: 3 movies nights? 2 different movies at the same time?  Monthly movie night is goal and may be more intermediate-type of movies


  • Popcorn fundraiser: continue next year? Joanne – YES!


  • Direct Drive Fundraiser: what are we fundraising for? Playground?  A lot of work due to first year and tax receipt request, etc. Will move fwd again but next year with a goal set ie: amount and items to fundraise for.  


Sept 2019 – outdoor playground facilities (Triangular rope apparatus for playground) and UBC Engineering and Computer Science Workshops ($4000 for 2 workshops per division.  Total of 15 divisions) More info:

  • Motion to pass: Christina, Seconded by: Brian.


Other Ideas:

  • Sandbox

  • Courtyard beautification (centre of school)

  • Covered gazebo


  • Hot Lunch: Corinna/Dorothy for next year. Munch a Lunch to move forward- sushi and pizza days AND Monthly pizza: 2-3 parents to spearhead?  Parents to talk to Dorothy if anyone is interested.


  • Raffle Fundraiser: update and suggestions for next year.  Who to spearhead? = $8230 (last year $8100). 


  • Spring Fair: update and suggestions.  Revenue collected = $5,411. Next year, we may bring in a gaming company that charges $2500 that supplies dunk tank, rock climbing, obstacle course, bouncy castle, etc = all outdoor.  Will discuss in October 2019.


Executives for next year


  • Secretary – TBD (Interim: Brenna)

  • Lunch Coordinator - Dorothy

  • Popcorn Coordinator - Joanne

  • Fruit/Veggie Coordinator – Christina 

  • Treasurer - Patty

  • Chair - Theresa


Teacher Luncheon: Wed June 19th: BBQ


  • Christina spearheads

  • Randy help pick up BBQ from Sonia day before

  • Sonia husband: Manny will bbq burgers starting at noon

  • BBQ: veggie and hamburger patties

  • Notice goes home with chart of what we need – Theresa and Christina will talk. 


Teachers Wish List 


  1. Internet Safety Program – for families and classes $2500

  2. UBC Engineering Program - $4000

  3. Fine Arts – Bollywood or Drumming Program

  4. Saleema Noon (selected if there is still funding left after spending on above items)


Motion to pass: Dorothy, Seconded by: Randy


Childminding $5 gift cards total $90/yr.  Theresa will continue to purchase.

Motion to pass: Poonam, Seconded by: Patty


Breakfast with Blaze – Community (parent) appreciation delivered by teachers. Ms. Clarke usually Leads.

Tuesday, June 18


8.0 Treasurer's Report


Total funds available as of June 2019 = $21,174.70


Recommendation:  To create a new spreadsheet outlining past and current year revenue and expenditures. Kevin will help Patty create a new and more comprehensive spreadsheet.


9.0 Questions and Answers 


Meeting Adjourned = 9:04pm




Mon, 2020/01/13 - 9:29pm