DeBeck Elementary School


January 2020 Minutes

PAC Meeting Minutes - January 9th 2020


  1. Call to Order – 6:35pm

  2. Welcome and Introductions

  3. Attendance – Theresa, Dorothy, Kevin, Sophia, Brenna, Kathy, Trevor, Jason, Tara, Patty, Yen, Brian, Eva

  4. Adoption of Previous Minutes – Kevin, Seconded by Yen

  5. Principal/Administrative Report 

    • Long Range Facilities Plan – You’re able to find information on the School board website.  Population, Boundaries, Seismic projects, etc. Some schools had significant boundary changes in terms of catchment and feeder highschools.  For more information, visit the Richmond School Board website.

    • K-Pop Dance instructor has been booked for week of April 20, 2020 with performance on Friday. Motion made by Yen to pass $3300, Seconded by Sophia.  Motion Passed.




  • Front TV Update – One small issue – requires a current iPad. Suggestion was made to send out a request to see if any families would like to donate an apple device that would be compatible with the Apple TV.  PAC was given a tour

  • Speaker, Movie Sound system update – Sound system was borrowed for our last movie night. Looking into getting a combo speaker/amp. Kathy received a quote for Speaker $1275, Wireless handheld system (mics) $540 Cables $14.  Total $2052.05. Motion made to pass $1275 for sound system by Patty, Seconded by Tara. Motion passed. School will pay for mics & cables.

  • Direct Cheque Drive update – It went quite well, but some parents had questions regarding whether the money would go towards the playground and how this process works. We will continue to collect donations.  Tax receipts will be coming back to school and then sent out to families who donated and would like one.

  • White Hatter update – Teachers and students gave some good feedback.  Grade 4/5 and 6/7 presentation was quite. Kathy suggested that maybe we bring them back every 2 years to present 4/5s with the 6/7 pres.  Parents that attended, learned a lot. Presenter was very informative. This could be an annual presentation as things change so quickly.

  • PAC website – no updates.  Theresa will follow up

  • Skate night: Santa on ice was successful!

    • Santa had a great time and students really enjoyed him on ice

    • 1 month advertising worked out great.  More students came out than the previous year.

    • Net profit was $17ish dollars. – Patty & Jeremy suggested to just give out free hot chocolates & cookies.  Recruit Grade 7 elves

  • Movie night: Aladdin was successful.  We made about $500 net

    • Term 2 - Feb 13th to be confirmed with Sandy

    • Term 3 - May 14th - TBD


  • Saleema Noon has been booked for May 19, 2020 6:30-8pm - Parents/Family evening and May 20/21, 2020 - Presentation for students during the day.  This is a program we invite to come every 2 years. Cost is $1522.50 for 2 days plus parent evening.  




Executive team: Secretary for 2020/2021, position is available  


  • Looking for District PAC Rep to attend meetings.  Usually 1 hour meetings. Contact Theresa for more information if interested.


Thank you gift: motion to pass gift card for being “SANTA”: Mike Liang made by Kevin, seconded by Patty.  Motion passed.


Fundraising items


  1. Snack Attack for Term 2 – pop up snack for 15 minutes.  2-3 volunteers needed. Parents to contact Theresa.

  2. Popcorn Fundraiser: Feb 12 and May 13: led by Joanne (Term 1 - $325 net profit)

  3. Hot Lunch: Dorothy update – 2x per month.  (Term 1 - $3070.58 net profit)  

    1. Coordinator for Pizza Lunch on day of: , new Sushi option: Sushi Lovers provides lower prices and more options.  

    2. Dorothy introduced a New Lunch Program: Lunch Lady – She will look into it a little more in depth after Spring break. 

    3. Bubble Tea Option for Movie Night – min Order of 60 cups (at cost $2) – To Go Tea – Brian to spearhead for next Movie Night Feb 13, 2020

  4. Raffle Fundraiser: Patty to recruit new volunteers to spearhead Lead and volunteers needed for 2 weeks.  Patty will be bringing in Vivian & Cathy.

    1. New Rule for Raffles – Kathy & Trevor need to present raffle to assistant superintendent for approval prior to printing.   Select date to assemble raffle tickets and work dates back from that day.

    2. Meet before Spring break to go over raffle 

    3. Assemble Raffle Tickets after spring break before April Long weekend.  Hand out booklets on April 8th.


  1. Spring Fair: DATE: Friday May 8th, 2020.  Co-Chair needed to work alongside Theresa so someone else can take on the role of Spring Fair Chair in 2020/2021.

    1. Theresa suggested to make the event bigger

      1. Bigger bouncy Castles?


8.0 Treasurer's Report


General operating budget of $17,891.89


Gaming $10,824.31 – after payment for Saleema noon and new library tables. Balance would be $6700


9.0 Questions and Answers 


Parents are wondering if they could get a description for volunteer roles.  If they know what is expected of them, they would be better able to commit to helping.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:16pm


Next meeting is on February 6, 2020 at 630pm.  THANK YOU for joining us! 


Mon, 2020/01/13 - 9:36pm