DeBeck Elementary School


April Meeting Minutes

Pac meeting April 11th, 2019

  1. Call to Order – 9:01am


  1. Welcome and Introductions—

New to meeting:  Vivian and Patty


  1. Attendance – Patty, Vivian, Jinny, Yenmi, Rhonda, Emi, Theresa, Penny, Kristen, Joanne, Cindy, Vivian, Wanda

Regrets: Brenna


4.0 Adoption of Previous Minutes —

Motion to pass:  Kristen, Seconded by: Yenmi


5.0 Principal/Administrative Report--

KM Club – Ms. Matheson is ordering prizes.  We have a lot of key chains (located in the office drawer – unlocked)

Track Attack – Grade 4-7’s going to Minoru - May 2.  Kids currently practicing and every intermediate student can be in 1 or 2 events. Permission slip will be going out to parents and kids will select events they want to do.  Bus is rented just for the way to Minoru, but NOT for the way back.

Team and Class and Panarama, Club photos - April 17

Grade 6/7 bike program

Talent Show – May 10.  Sign up outside Ms. Rose’s room and auditions will start April 23

Welcome to K May 15, 10:45am – Someone from PAC comes to speak (Theresa Wong)

Info Night for Camp Jubiliee April 30 – For gr. 5 and 6 parents this year since those are the kids who will go to camp in Sept. 2019

Bollywood Dance week May 26-31


Registration:  40 K’s currently registered, not all from our catchment because surrounding schools are full

  • We will now have over 300 students at Debeck

  • SD38 Staff meeting: April 30 to determine how many divisions we are getting and whether or not a Vice Principal will be coming


School Timetable 2019/20:  We have until April 12 as parents to let SD38 know what our thoughts are on setting a new timetable for school system (start and end times, early dismissal days, recess/lunch time slots)


Student Learning Survey: aka (Student) Satisfaction Survey.  Parents can fill it out online (Debeck website) even though students are supposed to fill it out


Students who are returning in Sept. late, not on first day, will need to notify school asap or their spot may be forfeited.  


Victoria Trip Cancellation:  Gr. 6/7 Teachers said the agenda is so full that they would not be able to fit in another field trip with all that is going on.  The newly added item on the school calendar is the FREE Bike Program. Parents suggested to perhaps cancel that to make time for the Victoria Trip.  


Teacher Volunteer commitment required and Wanda cannot “require” that they do it.  Debeck tradition that a 1) Victoria trip and 2) Camp Jubiliee happens on an alternating yearly basis.


With Admin turnover, information of the Victoria Trip was not given as a “must do” priority, so Wanda will talk to Mr. Hurst to get more information and then talk to the teachers.  


Wanda is wondering if PAC can fund school buses to make it a smoother trip to Victoria.  PAC will consider funding the school bus to transport students from Debeck to Ferry Terminal – one way.


*Possible to schedule this in during the week of June 10-14 or last week of June.*





  • Mrs Borthwick update – ipad minis arrived? tables?

Ipad not arrived yet, but invoice has arrived.


6.1 Fundraising items

  • Snack Attack MARCH 15th: fundraised amount :$ _178.50_

Sandy/Sonya thinking of doing more this school year


  • Movie Night: Potential dates   1 Friday April 26th:

             2 Thursday May 16th:

Wanda still needs to approve whether these are possible.  Proposed: primary movie in library/Intermediate movie in gym.  If there are more primarys that show up and since there are parents that also attend, primary students may go to the gym.  Concession volunteers will be needed if we proceed.


  • Hot Lunch: Corinna/Dorothy: monthly pizza days and have someone take care of this pizza day including backend


Last Friday of the month: notice sent to all teachers in a.m. and then teachers are expected to tally orders.  Ask around if parents want to spearhead. If we do it, it would start May. Get in touch with Dorothy.




  • Thursday May 9th AGM PAC meeting, grade 6/7 band concert (Gateway Theatre), change from evening meeting to morning meeting?

AGM PAC meeting changed to Wed, May 8th, 6:30-8pm

  • Swimming transportation: PAC support, this year costs, approx $1400.

Donna will book transportation for swimming.  PAC will pay full amount for bus of approx $1400.

Motion to pass: Rhonda and Seconded by: Patty


Changed to Grade 2-5 instead of Grade 1-5.  Too many young kids cannot get themselves ready on their own.  Grade 5 will now be added to swim lesson schedule.


SD38 doesn’t do “Get Wet” anymore if they have a certain level in swimming.  They will receive some level of water certificate.


7.1 Spring Fair: Friday May 24th  


  • Raffle tickets committee:

    • Simon to design and number the tickets

    • Patty has met with 2 parents willing to volunteer 3-4 hours each week for entry

    • Vivian: printing and assembling: April 18th

  • Sandy will organize Parent Volunteering through for online sign up.  Put up on PAC website. Will need at least 60 volunteer slots filled.

  • Gaming License: Once approved (Vivian checking), April 18 will be start of assembling tickets.  Cardstock ordering will be sent to Seline.

  • 2 weeks of support needed from May 8th until May 22: Sign up sheet is with Patty. Most covered and just 2 days needed to fill.

  • Punch cards: how many do we prepare: Poonam will cut and assemble

  • Spring Fair committee

    • Theresa to update:  Theresa is busy end of April and early May, so will need help with coordinating of Fair during that time.  More funds will be spent on bouncy castle and no more balloon twisting.


8.0 Treasurer's Report: $15,780.96


Teacher Luncheon needs a Lead and we must set a date.  Theme? Not needed. Just do a potluck similar to “Comfort Food” now called “Family Favorites”.

Wednesday, June 19, 12:20pm.  Lead will be Christina.

Food drop off at 8:30am


Breakfast with Blaze – Community (parent) appreciation delivered by teachers. Ms. Clarke usually Leads.

Tuesday, June 18


9.0 Questions and Answers

Meeting Adjourned: 10:21am


THANK YOU for joining us! Next meeting date will be May 9th

Tue, 2019/05/07 - 10:16pm