DeBeck Elementary School


May 2018 Minutes

PAC Meeting Minutes/ AGM:  Wednesday May 16th, 2018 at 7pm (Library)


1.0 Call to Order – 7:10pm

2.0 Welcome and Introductions

3.0 Attendance – Theresa, Dorothy, Christina, Sat, Brenna, Vivian, Patty, Penny, Jo-Anne, Larry

4.0 Adoption of Previous Minutes — Motion made by Vivian to pass previous minutes, Seconded by Brenna. Motion passed


5.0 Old News

5.1 Richmond Martial Arts: Parents Night Out. Fundraiser for the PAC 100% of RMA proceeds to PAC.  

Options are

1) PAC organized fundraiser – Pub Night @ Original Joe’s or Movie Night $20 ish for parents and $5 (3hrs) for childminding

2) Parents have their own night out and we charge $10 for child minding (3 hrs).  

NOTE: 40 children maximum.  On waiver, it will ask for email or phone call, specify no for contact.


Date, Time and location be determined at later date.


5.2 Spring Fair Date: May 4th: TOTAL: $10,263.94  

  • May the Fourth be with you photo booth theme: SUCCESS!

  • Food: dumplings & noodles combo, hot dogs and snacks – food warmers worked really well.  Vivian suggested maybe vegetarian dumplings next year. Dumplings were donated by Vivian & Family.  Thank you!!!!


  • Gift Baskets: spear head by Dorothy: SUCCESS! 240 entries.  Cut off for gift baskets was 15 minutes before prize draw. Larry made a couple announcements regarding the prizes encouraging people to buy tickets for the draw.  Christina suggested having more gift baskets but smaller prizes. Theresa suggested sending home a notice at the beginning of the year to collect prizes throughout the year to build baskets for Spring Fair.  We’ll put out notice in Jan to collect prizes for Spring Fair Baskets


  • Living Magic: not as creative as we hoped.  Selection wasn’t great and she didn’t pre-make any balloons.  Will not use her again.


  • New ticket punch card instead of tickets – Three options: $5, $10, $20.  Each star on punch card is $1 each. -- SUCCESS.


  • Someone wanted to purchase food but changed their mind so had to “un-cross” the punch.   Maybe a sticker system


  • Offer a bonus 1-2 punches with the higher card amount to encourage families to buy more

  • Change colour of punch card and put year on the card.


  • Prizes were a SUCCESS

  • Cake Walk: around 50 cakes total.  13 cakes left behind at the end of the night.  It was a SUCCESS! 13 cakes were given to the grade 7’s and highschool students that helped out at the end


  • Raffle Ticket Fundraiser: Patty to update: TOTAL : $8193.05

    • SUCCESS with new GOLDEN BASKET- huge incentive! Ray suggested a small draw for GC or price at the end of every week for top sellers returning full books.  Motivates students to return books taken out. Small gift instead of a big basket at the end. Explore incentives for quicker return. To discuss at a later date.

    • Patty reports:

      • Many students were on waitlist requesting more raffle tickets. Need to think of a plan for students requesting more.

      • Some students with high selling students in their class were not so motivated to sell, need to think of a plan to encourage those students to sell

      • Div 3 won the Sundae party, however they had the most un-returned books. Suggestion to postpone Sundae until ticket books are returned


  • One ice cream-sundae: Friday June 1st.  At 2pm for both primary and intermediate classes.  Theresa has communicated with Mrs Borthwick and Ms Tseng.  Dorothy and Corinna will be assisting Ms Tseng’s class and Theresa and Rhonda will go shopping for sundae party ingredients and assist with Mrs Borthwick’s class.  Look into allergies of students in these classes.


5.3 New Business

5.4 Motion to pass: Mr Kripps, card and $25 London Drugs for helping out at the spring Fair.  Motion to pass $25 GC Brenna. Seconded by Christina. Motion passed.


5.5 Sports Day Friday June 8th: Penny sent home newsletter.  Penny will send follow up letter to students.  


5.6 Teacher’s Lunch - Wednesday June 13th   : Tara will not be able to help on the day of but she can do all the prep (letter, buying & prep).  Motion to pass $200-300 Penny and seconded by Jo-Anne. Motion Passed.


  • Theme this year:  Comfort Food (Family Favorites)

  • Volunteers required for

    • Food Drop Off at start of day - Christina

    • Food Drop Off right before lunch – Christina, Brenna

    • Decorations 10:45: Christina, Brenna and more TBC

    • Lunch: Christina, Brenna, Jo-Anne and other volunteers

    • Speech: Jo-Anne

    • Order Fresh Fruit Cake (for 40):  Christina


5.7 CHEQUE DRIVE: at the beginning of the school year.  Letter to be sent out to parents for donations towards school purchases or volunteer time or put towards fundraising $25 & up (tax receipt) – soft sell suggested per Larry


5.8 Swimming, Monday June 4th.  $31.60/student for lessons for Grades 1 -4.  PAC to help with transportation. Motion made by Penny to pass $1100 to cover transportation cost. Seconded by Vivian.  Motion passed.

5.9 Election for positions, school year 2018/2019

  • Chair: Theresa accepts

  • Treasurer: Patty accepts

  • Secretary: Brenna accepts

Positions vacant for 2018/2019

  • Recess/Popcorn Coordinator: temporary Jo-Anne

  • Lunch Coordinator: temporary Jo-Anne. Theresa will talk to Christina to see if she can help with this role

  • Fruit/Veggie Coordinator: temporary Brenna

5.10 Vivian, update Treasurer's Report

  • Available General Chequing $8998.10

  • Cash for Spending:  $17,150.06

5.11 Wish List for the teachers this year


  1. Replace whiteboard with tv screen entrance to display daily activities, videos/pics (like HS) Approx $1000-1500

  2. Mobile Score Board $800

  3. cart of 8-12 tables for our school instead of renting

  4. gymnastic mats (ones we use for movie night) would like to replace.


5.11 Administrative Report from Larry

  • Staff are looking into “Any day ready” Recess & Lunch Idea. (outside every day rain or shine)  for 2018/19 – looking for input from parents. Parents would be more in favor of this idea if there is a covered area.

  • Planning on requesting an outdoor learning environment – May include a covered area.

  • Grade 7’s have chosen to go to Centennial Beach.  White Spot Lunch – Parent Volunteers will be needed to help pick up.

  • Recognition Ceremony will be in the morning.

  • Mr Brown & Ms Borthwick have gone above and beyond to cover Ms Simpson’s position while she is away


5.12 Kilometer Club – Will only need to order trophies & medals.  We ordered extra keychains in the past. Approx $500 should be enough per Larry.


5.13 Book Fair – Ms Borthwick is planning 3 book fairs for 2018/19


5.14 Motion made by Dorothy to pass $3000 for Bollywood, $1000 for swimming transportation and $100 for Grad cake.  Seconded by Penny. Motion passed


5.16 Sports Day – Danny’s Market will bring screamers and slushies for all students and teachers. $3/screamer.  Approx. $1000 Larry is thinking about having newspaper come in for this event as Danny’s Market is closing June 17, 2018.  Motion made by Christina to pass $1000 for Screamers Party. Seconded by Dorothy. Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned 9:09pm    

Sat, 2018/06/02 - 10:04pm