DeBeck Elementary School


March Meeting minutes

PAC Meeting Minutes:  Thursday Mar 8th at 7:15pm (Library)


1.0 Call to Order – 7:21pm

2.0 Welcome and Introductions

3.0 Attendance – Penny, Vivian, Joey, Tara, Brenna & Larry

4.0 Adoption of Previous Minutes: Motion made by Jo-Anne Seconded by Tara, Motion passed


5.0 Old News

5.1 Progressive Shopping Cards: Made over $200 this session.  More than last year’s $158. We will have one more order in May 2018.


5.2 Movie Night on February 22nd LEGO BATMAN: Update. Was quite successful, We made approximately $400.  ACF & District has resolved issue and $.75/student (ACF to pay lump sum and our total $227.82 cheque to be written to district)  Motion made by Tara to pass $227.82, Seconded by Brenna. Motion passed.


5.3 Pub Night: Some parents that couldn’t make it asked if we could do one more Pub Night fundraiser at the end of the year.  If we decide to go with Richmond Martial Arts, we could consider a different restaurant for a fundraiser. Options: Original Joe’s. Theresa to contact them re: fundraising options.  Potential pub night: June 1 or 15, 2018. Will review at a later date.


5.4 Richmond Martial Arts: Parents Night Out. Fundraiser for the PAC, Owner offered 3 hours of child minding.  100% proceeds to PAC. This would be more as a Promo for his company. Arts & Crafts, Martial Arts for 30 mins, there will be stations and the 3 leaders are available during that time.  Theresa will find out what capacity is for the facility and whether there is an unsubscribe button for mass emails that come after. For more parents to come out, Larry suggested a lower price for child minding.  Will review at a later date.


5.5 Fruit and Veggie Coordinator: Alexia will need to slowly train up Brenna.

Once every 2 weeks.  Brenna mentioned that she can fill in in September and Alexia can come back to help in September if Brenna needs. Position still available.


5.6 PAC kitchen: School board has fixed the rot under the sink.  We are completely moved in and fully functioning.  Thanks to Penny & Jo-Anne for the great cleaning job!!!


5.7 Spring Fair Date: May 4th

  • May the Fourth be with you photo booth theme: Penny in charge of making back backdrop and props

  • Food options Vivian’s dumplings & noodles combo: Vivian’s mom has agreed to man the dumpling & noodles station. And we will be selling hot dogs and snacks

  • Gift Baskets: spear head by Dorothy: as part of the games - enter 5 gift basket drawer- 2 tickets gets you one name.  THREE BASKETS to be made. Dorothy is emailing vendors…

    • $50 gift card to Earls, three martial arts birthday package (worth $200 each), home depot items ($50) , four Capilano Suspension Bridge admissions, White Spot gift cards ($20), Four board games ($70)

  • New ticket punch card instead of tickets – Three options: $5, $10, $20.  Each star on punch card is $1 each. 30 minutes before event ends, option to purchase individual “card” number.   Motion made by Patty, Seconded by Alexia, motion passed.


    • Use all the remaining tickets in storage for prize tickets

    • Need to change pricing on posters for the Spring Fair – all game pricing will be increased.  Penny requested to start on posters earlier than day of. Theresa & Jo-Anne to help Penny


  • Rhonda and Tara to purchase all prizes

  • Fair Games: Rhonda and Randy to pick up in the afternoon: Tara will contact supplier

  • Potentially using another balloon artist: Christina will update.  Will discuss at a later date with Christina & Theresa present.

  • Cake Walk: Rebecca (has morning commitment, will need another parent to receive cakes during this time) She will man the table during Spring Fair.  Alexia 8:30-9:30, Patty’s Mother-in-law 9:30-noon & Penny Noon-1:30.

  • Raffle License and design: Simon

  • Raffle Ticket Booklet Assembly:  April 5, 2018 9:00am Booklet Assembly in Room 122

  • Raffle Ticket Committee: Patty will organize volunteers & will be at the raffles in the mornings to oversee.  Distribution date is Monday April 9th. First collection of raffle booklets in Thursday April 12th onwards. Last day to get books is April 27th and last day to return ALL raffle books is April 30th.  

    • One $25 cash prize to top primary and top intermediate student

    • One $25 cash prize draw for all students that sells 1 complete booklet.  Patty requested switch to Top 10 students of the whole school is be entered into a draw for a $25 cash prize and every student that sells 1 complete booklet is entered into a draw for the “Golden” basket.

    • Top 10 students that sold the most books will be entered into a “Golden” basket prize drawer.  The draw will happen on Tuesday May 1st. Items collected for the “Golden” basket so far include 4 games (Theresa) and movie theatre gift certificates (Patty). All prize items for the “Golden” basket are donations from parents. There was discussion about adding a GC ($50) from Richmond Centre into the “Golden” basket which will be more appealing to the intermediate students. There is concern about the total prize amount of the “Golden” basket being too high. The goal is to get intermediate students more motivated to sell.

    • One ice cream-sundae- party for winning primary and winning intermediate class for selling the most raffle ticket booklets. Motion by Penny, seconded by Theresa & Patty.  Motion passed.


5.8 New Business


5.9 Ms. Docherty last day was DeBeck Friday, March 2nd. Tara purchased a $30 GC from David’s Tea and card.  Motion made by Vivian to pass $30GC, seconded by Jo-Anne.  Motion passed


5.10 Recess Sale Friday, March 2nd: Jo-Anne & Vivian to update. Approx $200.


5.11 May 10th PAC (AGM) Meeting: Due to a scheduled Band Concert at Gateway Theatre that same night at the same time, Meeting to be rescheduled for May 16 or 17(AGM) 7:15. Date to be confirmed.


5.12 Vivian, update Treasurer's Report –

Available Total $6428.91

Gaming Available Total $4609.52


5.13 Administrative Report:

  • Earthquake Preparedness – existing supplies severely lacking, kits need to be replenished and updated. Teachers have taken inventory and everything needs to be updated (basically start fresh). Teachers want to get up to speed with this issue. School want PAC involvement with Earthquake Preparedness.

    • SOS – supplier to purchase a kit for each classroom as well as a kit per child at $15/ea with food and supplies that will last for 5 yrs. Will purchase enough kits for each class’s maximum number of students not just our current enrollment number.

    • Total estimated cost is $6000. 50/50 School funds/PAC. $3000 from Gaming account (if deemed appropriate). Motion to pass $3000 from Gaming account made by Jo-Anne, seconded by Tara, Motion passed.


  • Bollywood Showcase – Monday April 9th 1:15pm afternoon


  • Band Concert – Friday June 15th  1:15pm afternoon

  • Soccer – a couple lessons to give the students a taste.

  • Basketball – Students had a great year.  

  • Teacher’s Lunch - Wednesday June 13th  

  • Breakfast with Blaze on June 19th

  • Grad Ceremony on June 22nd  

  • Recognition Ceremony June 27th


Meeting adjourned:  8:08pm


Next Pac meeting Thursday April 12th at 9:15am


Fri, 2018/04/06 - 12:31pm