DeBeck Elementary School


Pac Meeting Minutes -N ovember 9th, 2017

PAC Meeting Minutes: Thursday November 9th, 2017


1.0 Call to Order- 9:10


2.0 Welcome and Introductions


3.0 Attendance – Theresa, Sat, Scarlet, Jo-Anne, Brenna, Penny, Vivian


4.0 Adoption of Previous Minutes (October 5th 2017) minutes – Motion to pass previous minutes made by Jo-Anne, Seconded by Brenna, Motion passed.


5.0 Old News

5.1 Pub Fundraiser- Thursday Oct. 19th@ Legends. Fundraiser was successful.  Raised $380.

Munch-a-lunch ticket sales worked well.  Some parents suggested having another Pub-Night in the New Year and extending the invite to family & friends.  Potential Date:  Last Friday of January 26, 2018.  Revisit 50/50 draw for Pub Night at next PAC meeting


5.2 Budget goals – Teacher’s Wish List received and prioritized. Approx. $7000

  • 3 iPads for EAs to support special needs students – 5 needed. Re-evaluate in Sept.

  • Fine Arts Performances 2017/18 – Theatre presentations, Theatre Sports ($700-800 approx.) or Drumming ($2500 for a week approx.) Drumming is the most popular with Teachers.

  • Banghra Dance - $2500 approx. Not included in the $7000 allotment. Will replace Hip Hop & Gymnastics budget from previous years.

  • Wooden Trellis Arch (outdoor gardening and learning environment) – Larry will request a quote and check with the District with regards to safety. Proposing that the ‘PAC is interested in an outdoor learning building trellis’.

  • Gardening supplies such as a veggie vine – student social area as well

  • Gazebo for outdoor learning

  • Microphone/Headsets

  • Tug-of-War rope – Larry may know someone who makes this item.


5.3 Pumpkin Patch, Friday October 27th, 2017. Another successful year. We had a lot of volunteers come out in this event.    


5.4 Recess Sale - Popcorn sale – Jo-Anne reported that it went smoothly.  Sales were up from last Popcorn Sale.  We have about 90 bags left for Skate Night and Movie Night.


6.0 New Business

6.1 Library Volunteers: update from Brenna – We have enough volunteers for daily shifts.  Ms Borthwick is very grateful for all the parent volunteers.  Penny & Jo-Anne have been working on the Joshua Weekes Magic Corner and that is going quite well.


6.2 Progressive Shopping Cards fundraiser. Simon sent home notices friday Nov 4th. Cards can be received distributed by mid late November in time for holiday shopping.  Simon has already contacted them and they are ready to take our orders.  Some students have not brought the notices home.  Theresa has suggested sending out another reminder notice.


6.3 Skate night, Draft up contract, Nicole, December 20th 2017 4:30-6pm. to secure booking.  Skate Rental & Admission is all paid for by PAC.  Costs $685.  Larry to ask Mr Kripps if he would like to help us take photos with Santa.  Check with Randy and Rhonda Santa costume; Mike will most likely dress up as Santa for photos by donation; Snacks and hot chocolate will be available for sale; Larry will the candy canes. Vivian will spearhead this event. Penny & Jo-Anne to pick up the food.   Recruit 4 elves (students).  2 to collect donations & contact information and 2 to direct families to line up for photos.  Pick up elf hats from dollar store.  Check with teachers regarding volunteer hours for kids.


6.4 Movie Night, license to be updated.  Ours expiry January 31st, 2018. District PAC has been given permission form ACF to view any movies without the billing being settled yet.)

Movie night is Thursday November 23rd, 2017 5:30 and movie starts at 6:15

Pizza , snacks and drinks: Penny & Jo-Anne to pick up snacks.  Penny to order pizza.  7 pepperoni, 7 hawaiian, 9 cheese. 2 extra free cheese.  Brenna & Vivian to spearhead this event.  Set up at 4:30pm  Notice to be sent home on Nov 14, 2017


Movie:  The Emoji Movie


6.5 Flowers/donation for Cristiano’s mother passing- $100 cheque. Motion made by Jo-Anne to pass $100 and seconded by Vivian.  Motion passed


6.6 Red Cross Stay Safe!  Program for this year.  For intermediate students age 9-15 and Babysitting age 11-15. Larry mentioned that Mr Allison runs a first aid course every year.  Larry will talk to Mr Allison about what his program entails. Larry was not available to report on this.


6.7 Booked Saleema Noon group: Tara has been speaking to Saleema and we have booked her for May 22 parents 6:30-8 & 23rd  kids 8:30-3. $850 plus GST.


6.8 Vivian gave an update on treasurer report:  Total Available:  $3440.06


6.9 Chocolate fundraiser for Christmas: World’s Finest Chocolate – We’ve decided not to go ahead with this fundraiser.

6.9.1 Save Around Vancouver: Coupon Book Fundraiser – Theresa will contact supplier to look into this.


6.10 Spring Fair Date:  First week of May 2018 (May 4th) – May the Fourth be with you photo booth theme suggested by Sat

6.10.1 White Spot Food Truck – Sat to look into availability

6.10.2 Vivian will talk to her mom regarding dumplings & noodles as she may not be here on that day.

6.10.3 Cal – Caterer that will work by donation, Sat to contact him for potentially come to Spring fair


6.11 Boston Pizza – Sat spoke with manager regarding getting a percentage back for eating at the restaurant. Will contact manager for more information.


Meeting adjourned:  10:25am

Next Pac meeting Thursday January 11th, 2018  at 7:15pm. (in the Library)


Tue, 2017/11/21 - 2:18pm