DeBeck Elementary School


PAC Meeting Minutes-October 5th, 2017

Meeting Minutes Thursday October 5th, 2017

1.0 Call to Order- 7:20pm

2.0 Welcome and Introductions

3.0 Attendance – Larry Hurst, Theresa Wong, Sat Dhillon, Dorothy Tong, Sophia Shimada, Alexia Tam, Angela Lai, Cecilia Lam, Jo-Anne Wilson, Brenna Inthavixay, Selina Sun, Patty Wu, Nayeli Garcia, Christina Sequeira, Tasneem Damji, Vivian Kok, Simon Kok, Tara Laing

4.0 Adoption of Previous Minutes (June 8th and June 26th) Motion made by to pass previous minutes

5.0 Old News

5.1 Pub Fundraiser- Thursday October 19th@ J Malones. PAC will get 50% of tickets sold. So far we’ve sold 20 tickets. Will try to promote some more.

5.2. Palmer scholarship $500, Thank you card received from Vandy Liu Motion to pass made by Vivian, Seconded by Alexia. Motion passed.

5.3 Budget goals – Teacher’s Wish List received and prioritized. Approx. $7000

3 iPads for EAs to support special needs students – 5 needed. Re-evaluate in Sept.

Fine Arts Performances 2017/18 – Theatre presentations, Theatre Sports ($700-800 approx.) or Drumming ($2500 for a week approx.) Drumming is the most popular with Teachers.

Banghra Dance - $2500 approx. Not included in the $7000 allotment. Will replace Hip Hop & Gymnastics budget from previous years.

7 Board games and inside games for classrooms – $100/ea class. Motion made to pass $1400 (gaming account) by Vivian seconded by Alexia. Motion passed. Suggested to reach out to families to donate slightly used or new games as well. Toy Trader offers board games at $3-$4/ea.

Wooden Trellis Arch (outdoor gardening and learning environment) – Larry will request a quote and check with the District with regards to safety. Proposing that the ‘PAC is interested in an outdoor learning building trellis’.

Gardening supplies such as a veggie vine – student social area as well – no action taken

Gazebo for outdoor learning – no action taken

Microphone/Headsets – no actions taken

Tug-of-War rope – not actions taken. Larry may know someone who makes this item.

Recess Sale: treat option, JoAnne

6.0 New Business

6.1 Pumpkin Patch by donation, Tentative Date set for Wednesday October 25th, Larry will talk to Rhonda and Randy to maybe set date to October 27th - TBC


6.2 Progressive Shopping Cards fundraiser. Notices to be sent home first week of November, so that the cards can be received distributed by mid late November in time for holiday shopping. Simon has already contacted them and they are ready to take our orders.


6.3 Skate night, December 13th 2017. Contact Person at Minoru to arrange for Winter Wonderland to secure booking. Skate Rental & Admission is all paid for by PAC Motion to pass Tara Seconded by Simon. Motion passed.

Ask Mr Kripps if he would like to help us take photos with Santa. Randy and Rhonda supplies the costume

Mike will most likely dress up as Santa

Photos with Santa by donation

Cost is usually $700

Snacks and hot chocolate

Larry supplies the candy canes


6.4 Potential grad committee, parent committee for the grade 7s?

We will review closer to the end of the year. Brenna will volunteer to head committee if Grade 7s are interested in a theme Grad.


6.5 Movie Night, license to be updated. Ours expiry January 31st, 2018.

Movie night is Thursday November 23rd, 2017 5:30 and movie starts at 6:15

Pizza , snacks and drinks: Update Penny (need to organize snacks)

Choice of movie: Despicable Me, Sing, Lego Ninjago, Newer choices are more appealing to kids

Decide on movie at next PAC Meeting Nov 9, 2017

Need someone to spearhead this event


6.6 Pub night update

Tickets at welcome bbq and Online tickets from MunchaLunch (so far $240)

The day of the pub night, volunteers required


6.7 Teacher Allocation: last year was $150 (per division - 14 divisions) plus $150 for each ELL Resource teacher (3).Librarian $300 and Music Teacher $300. Money ($100/div) passed for rainy days games last year has not been used yet. Librarian $300 Motion made by Simon to

pass allocation, Seconded by Jo-Anne. Motion passed. Music Teacher $300 Motion made by Tara, Seconded by Jo-Anne, Motion passed.


6.8 Childminding $5 for Pac evening meetings- 2 volunteers $5 each. Motion to pass made by Alexia, Seconded by Dorothy. Motion passed.


6.9 MunchaLunch update: from Sat (hot lunch), Jo-Anne (recess & popcorn sales)

Launch date was Thursday Sept 21st

Last year was $3000, to date we are at $3300.

First food day, Thursday October 12th (JoAnne) sushi day

Report from Vivian – credit card system is much easier to use and safer than cash/cheques.

Sat talked to White Spot about having a food truck outside. Sounds like an interesting option. Sat will get more details. Possibly do it in May or for Sports Day and arrange for time slots for kids to pick up their burgers. To discuss further in next PAC meetings.


6.10 Red Cross Stay Safe! Program for this year. For intermediate students age 9-15 and Babysitting age 11-15. Larry mentioned that Mr Allison runs a first aid course every year. Larry will talk to Mr Allison about what his program entails. To discuss later.


6.11 Vivian gave an update on treasurer report


6.12 Larry shared Budget Wish List that he brainstormed with staff

Outdoor learning:

2 full beds $600/bed

1 small bed

Outdoor Learning space(s)

Outdoor Classroom – logs, sawdust, rockcs

Eg: like Anderson School & Walter Lee

Ga-Ga / Classroom Learning Pit


5 Picnic-style tables (weather proof and solids surface) for Classroom and Staff/School Use

Outdoor Teaching Board/Whiteboard

Planter/Garden/Flower Boxes

Additional Separate Sandbox


Beach/Outdoor Volleyball Space

Outdoor Fitness Circuit/Equipment

Covered Gazebo




Creative Learning Environments – from School Budget?


6.13 Cash 4 Clothes Fundraising opportunity for school (pamphlet) - Collect 150 full bags, you will receive $3/bag (24 x 36 inches) – Larry says this is a lot of work and PAC member decided not to do this fundraiser.

6.14 John Kaplan, Fundraising Magic: to do it this year? Vivian says we receive this letter every year. Larry has been trying to get Joshua Weeke’s referred Magician however because he’s from Quebec, it’s tough for him to come out to BC without any other bookings. We will look into other magician options and discuss at a later date.

6.15 Chocolate fundraiser? To review at next meeting.

6:16 Coupon book fundraiser? Mostly food coupons and 50% back. $12.50/book – to review at next Meeting

6.17 Spring Fair Date: First week of May 2018

Next Pac meeting Thursday November 9th at 9:00am, location TBA (Room 112)

Meeting adjourned: 9:05pm




Sun, 2017/11/05 - 9:18pm