DeBeck Elementary School


Important Reminders about Year End

Please see below important dates regarding the last days of school in June.  Please reach out to Mrs Pantaleo or Mr Shuto if you have any questions.

  1. Class Placement Info: A reminder that if you have any information pertaining to your child’s class placement for next year, that it be turned into the office by tomorrow Friday, June 12th.
  2. Late Returns: If you are going to be away, and expect to return after Wednesday, September 9th, please complete the attached form.  Information about back to school and what that will look like will be sent to families at a later date.
  3.  Borrowed Technology: A reminder to all families that have borrowed technology from the school to make an arrangement with the school office to return borrowed technology by June 19th.
  4. Progress Reports: We will have progress reports ready for you to pick up on Tuesday, June 23rd. There will be tables set up at the front of the school to facilitate a safe, physically distanced process. You can stop by the school to pick up progress reports anytime between 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.
  5. Lost and Found Items: On Tuesday, June 23rd we will also have tables out front of the school with lost and found items that have accumulated over the course of the year. Please remember to have a look when you stop by to pick up your child’s progress reports.
  6. Kilometer Club Update: Each Spring, students at DeBeck participate in KM Club and receive awards at the end of the school year.  Part of the KM club is giving children a chance to work towards a goal and help them achieve it.  With us not being able to do this, as well as many other activities since Spring Break, we have decided to not hand out KM Club awards this year.
  7. Student belongings and schoolwork: A reminder that tomorrow Friday, June 12th is the last day to pick up student belongings and schoolwork. If you cannot make it to the school by tomorrow and wish to pick up items, please reach out to the school office to set a time that works.
Sun, 2020/06/14 - 3:19pm