DeBeck Elementary School


Parent Teacher Conferences For Second Term: February 13th - 15th

Parent Teacher Conferences for Second Term are coming up soon. Many of these conferences will utilize a student-led format  and focus in which students show parents some artifiacts and/or exemplars of their learning and communicate their understanding of concepts as well as their learning journey to their parents. One of our school goals is to develop our students abilities to effective communicate their thinking and learning and these conferences provide a great opportunity for our students to do just that.

Most conferences will be held during the week of Feb 13-16 thus our Early Dismissal Dates have been moved to Tues Feb 13th and Thurs Feb 15th at 2:00 pm

Some teachers have chosen to host conferences the week prior (Feb 5th - 9th) and some may have chosen to spead out conferences from Feb 5th through to Feb 16th. A notice from your child's classroom teacher will be coming home for families to sign up for these invaluable conferences.





Thu, 2018/01/18 - 2:07pm